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                Ryan Coughlin, writer of "Right Handed Lefty" ... We all have baggage. Real friends help carry it.

Live Projects

The Earth's Gotta Burp

When pressure builds it has to release. In "The Earth's Gotta Burp" Dr. Rocks takes his gang for an adventure to show them up close what happens when the earth needs to release some pressure -- Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

Luckily, Dr. Rocks has his Super Rover to help them explore. It drives, flies, floats, and drills. In fact, the Super Rover goes wherever your imagination and curiosity can take it!

Right Handed Lefty

It's 1983 in Boscobel, Wisconsin, in the southwestern corner of the state, known as the Driftless Area. Ellis Sayre is different. He's a twelve year old orphaned Native American. His adoptive parents lost a son a few years ago and welcomed him to deal with their grief. While stealing day-old bread for a friend in need, Ellis and his two best friends--George and Mason--witness a murder by a local kingpin. Authorities disagree with their story. They call it made up. The boys are trapped, worried for their lives, sending them on a flight to Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, WI, along the Mississippi River. Two peripheral stories about Ellis Abbot--a World War II veteran, and Two Right Feet--an orphaned Native American during early 1800's, are entwined to unearth Ellis Sayre's roots. They combine to tell the truth.

Ditch Day (Co-Written with Daniel P. Coughlin)‚Äč

The Landlord (written by William Press)

Fort Totten, North Dakota is a modest place. Although nobody knows it, the small college town is owned almost entirely by one man with a simple rule--if you occupy his land, then pay your rent. During the dead of winter, the landlord opens up his frigid doors to four houses, with four bad apples. A tenant in each house is maliciously murdered. Motive seems clear. But is it? Not even local police can escape the wrath and reign of the landlord. Only one man knows why. Whether in the form of money, remorse, or death, the landlord always collects his rent.